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Parent Misstatements, etc. in SHIRATORI Summation
Date 14 April 1948
Language English
Collection Tavenner Papers & IMTFE Official Records
Box Box 6
Folder General Reports and Memoranda from April 1948
Repository University of Virginia Law Library
Memorandum to Mr. Tavenner - continued: 3. 2234 (Parts II, III, and V) demonstrates that the audience estimates made by the witness MISHIMA and relied upon by Defense (summation document 3101K, page 7) do not accurately reflect the actual eventual audience reached. In further reference to Part VI of Exhibit 2234, the Defense ask that the article not be considered because of a discrepancy between the cited date of its original publication in a magazine and the dates of events dis¬cussed in the article. The fact that SHIRATORI prophesied in the first paragraph "the fall of Paris and the capture of the West Coast of Dover are near at hand...." makes it quite clear that the article was written before the latter part of May 1940, thus Indi¬cating that the publication date of June l939 instead of June 1940 was no more than a printer's mistake. The Prosecution contend that an obvious typographical error In the date in no wise affects the substance or probative value of the article. The Defense made particular effort to depreciate articles that appeared in the magazine "Contemporary Japan" on the ground that it was an English language magazine not primarily published for domestic distri¬bution. The special target for the Defense attack was the articles "Preparing for a New World Order" appearing in the April 1941 issue of "Contemporary Japan", which was mentioned in Appendix E of the Indictment. (See summation Defense documents 3101-A at page 4 and 3101-K at page 6.) The defense claims of insignificance of the article are wholly untenable in the light of the history of that article. The article was accepted in evidence as Exhibit 3587-A as an extract from IPS document 3331, a book "Radio lectures and Speeches", which is Exhibit, for identification, 3597. On cross-examination at T. 35,125-6, SHIRATORI identi¬fied the article as having been reprinted in English in "Contemporary Japan." Further investigation of the original document, Exhibit 3597-A, reveals that the article originated as a radio broadcast entitled "Observations upon the Current Situation at Home and Abroad", which was delivered on 1 March 1941. Thus, Instead of being a matter of small consequence1 the facts show that the sentiments expressed by SHIRATORI were again published in Japanese in addition to being broadcast to millions of radio listeners. The fact of the radio broadcast also serves to correct further the misleading character of the witness MISHIMA's audience estimates (Summation document 3101-K, p. 7).