Tavenner Papers & IMTFE Official Records, Box 4, Folder 2

General Reports and Memoranda from February 1947

General Outline for Organization of IPS during Defense presentation
Replying to Paper No. 1073
Clarification of Points Petition
Assignment - confirmed request February 13, 1947
OKAWA Medical Report
Assignment - reviews and requests February 13, 2015
list of materials subpoenaed by the defense February 25, 1947
Assignment - summary on the Philippines February 21, 1947
KIYOSE and TAKAYANGI Opening Statements
Distribution of Record
Edward's Assignment - outline of interview process February 13, 1947
Netherlands authorities and American Consul General
Matters concerning relations with the Netherlands in the Defense Opening Speech
Defense Witnesses
Document re: Statement of Attorneys Assigned to the Accused
Defense Witnesses February 26, 1947
Teletype Conference 20 February 1947
Radio from Keenan
Teletype Conference 27 February 1947
Sample Forms
Biographical Data - Floyd W. Cunningham
Individual Motions to Dismiss and Replies
list of witnesses for KOISO February 26, 1947
list of witnesses for HIRANUMA February 25, 1947
Accused and Witnesses
Preliminary Report re. "Secret Manchurian Incident Account"
Tavenner as Chief of Counsel
Psychiatric Examination of Japanese Prisoner of War (OKAWA)
Difficulties with Opening Statement
Defense Witnesses
Order Denying General Application
Captain Robinson and Washington Travel
New Technical Assistants of Chinese Division
SAWADA, Shigeru
Captain Robinson's Activities
Witnesses Called By Defense
Tavenner travel and assignments
Authorization for Marchtaler to leave
Acceptance of Schilling Invitation
list of witnesses for OSHIMA February 26, 1947
Tavenner as Interim Chief of Counsel
Vol. 1 - 685964 Chapter V
Interim Chief of Counsel Assignment
Keenan Response on Williams Memo
OKAWA, Shumei
General Suggestions Paper 1
Prosecution's Evidence Relating to DOIHARA, Kenji
Analysis of Documentary Evidence
Your Memo re "The Lost War"
Captain Robinson's trip to Shanghai
Defense Witnesses
Defense Witnesses second part February 25, 1947
JAG Dispatch on Capt. Robinson
OKAWA, Shumei
Course of Defense Phase
Certification of IPS Document No. 4095
Defense Witnesses
Defense Witnesses
General Suggestions Paper No. 2
Use of Files Unit Facilities
Keenan Updates and Directions
Defense Witnesses February 25, 1947
Captain Robinson Leave
Assignments for New Technical Assistants of Chinese Division
Defense Wittnesses
Tabular Summary of Japanese Cabinets
Joe English Assignments
Assignment of Witnesses to Phases, Accused and Witnesses