Tavenner Papers & IMTFE Official Records, Box 4, Folder 3

General Reports and Memoranda from March 1947

Teletype Conference
Rulings of Nuremberg re Trial of Defendants in Absentia
Memorandum Telecon messages
Changes of Assignment--Lt. Kurt Steiner
Witness, NAKAYAMA, Yasuto
Special Assignment, A. T. Laverge
Secial Assignment, Smith Crowe
Card Index of Names in Prosecution's Evidence in Manchurian Phase
Special Assignment
Miss Kaler's replacement
Suggestions for Investigation or Research
Exploitation of Unused Documentary Material in the Files
List of Document Burnt in the Foreign Office
Reassignment of Preparatory Work
Special Studies No. 2 Japanese Occupation of Portuguese Timor
List of Basic Documents
Location of Case Files IPS
Psychiatric Examination of Japanese Prisoner of War
Translation and processing of attached documents
Educational System in Japan
Smith N. Crowe Biographical Data
Defense Document 635 - List of Cabinet Members
Two book referred to in testimony of MAEDA, R. 1027 at page 1037
Documents to Object to (Draft)
Patriotic Organizations
Secret Funds, Interim Progress Report
List of witnesses requested by more than one defendant
KATAKURA and special funds testimony
Educational System in Japan
MINAMI and HASHIMOTO affidavits
IPS Doc #14
Analysis of Evidence
Patriotic Organizations
Telecon Memorandum March 26, 1947
Updates for Lea
Stahmer Cross-Examination Credibility
IPS Document 1767, secret telegrams from Hayashi
KAMIJO and MIYAMOTO correspondence
Exhibit No. 2344
New Peace Preservation Law
Interpretation of the Potsdam Declaration
Cross-Examination of the Defendant KIDO
Order to all Attorneys March 10, 1947
Dr. Ao's assignment
Use of IPS Library
MITARAI and WAKTSUKI testimony
Japanese Occupation of Portuguese Timor
Peace Preservation Law
NAKAJIMA in Manchurian Phase
Book Entitled, TOJO's Affidavit
Change of Assignment -- Lt. Kurt Steiner
Witnesses Manchurian Phase
Lists of Background Material Documents and Books and Pamphlets in Library
I.R.A.A. Special Studies #3
Assignment of Accused
Peace Preservation Law
Alphabetical Listing of Material on File and Index of Location
Special Studies No. 1 Interpretation of the Potsdam Declaration
Keenan status update
Special Assignment 20 March 1947 - Preliminary Report on Manchuria
Defense Witnesses
Change of Assignment -- Lt. Kurt Steiner