Background Information

Sutton Scrap

Card cut in the shape of mountains. D. N. Sutton is written on the front. On the back are the signatures and names of Mrs. Wilder H. Sheard, Helen F. Brauche, N.Y., W. L. Burkhas, Lex., R. F. Wurster, Michigan, H. S. Brauche, Watertown, N.Y., M. J. Sheard (Kansas).
1946CE Oct 4th

The League of Nations Resolution and Report on the Sino-Japanese Dispute, Adopted in September 1938

Text of resolutions adopted by the League of Nations on September 29, 1938 and September 30, 1938. Again discusses the condemnation of the use of toxic gases as a method of war. Second half of document is translation of the English first half into Chinese. At top of cover page, the number 5 is written in pencil.


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