The Tokyo War Crimes Trial, U.Va.

The Tokyo War Crimes Trial

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Biological Warfare

Chart - Summary of Findings in Six Cases of Bubonic Plague in Changteh, Hunan, China

Chart that gives a summary of findings in six cases of bubonic plague in Changteh, Hunan, China. This chart is to help built the case regarding biological warfare. Columns include: Case Number, Name of Patient, Sex, Age, Place of Occurrence, Date of Onset of Disease, Result, Clinical & Laboratory Findings, Diagnosis, Physician Seen By. The patients included Tsai Tao-erh, Tsai Yu-chen, Nieh Shu-sheng, Hsu Lao-san, Hu Chung-fa, Kung Tsao-sheng.

WAR 80671

Telegram from WAR WDSCA (WC) to CINFE (Carpenter Legal Sect.) Requests all information that pertains to ISHII BW group activities in relation to possible violations of the rules of land warfare. States that the current evidence now in possession of the Legal Sect SCAP, "does not warrant such charge against and trial of ISHII and his group." This telegram is in relation to the possibility of bringing charges against ISHII and his subordinates for employing biological warfare.
1947CE Jun 22nd

Bacteriological Warfare

Memorandum to Major-General A. N. Vasilyev about "the activities of the Ishii Detachment in experimenting with bacteria as a means of attack." Indicates that the Tribunal will not hear evidence on this topic unless the Prosecution can assure them that the individuals accused can be directly tied to the atrocities. Advises Vasilyev that the U.S.S.R. should not produce witnesses on this issue because the chance of success is so slight.
1946CE Dec 13th
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