The Tokyo War Crimes Trial, U.Va.

The Tokyo War Crimes Trial

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Japanese-German Relations

Notes on Admiral KOJIMA

Gives Admiral KOJIMA's actions and knowledge regarding interaction between Japan and Germany in reference to the Anti-Comintern Pact against Russia. Mainly discusses KOJIMA's interaction with OSHIMA and OSHIMA's thoughts. Mentions INOYE, OSHIMA, Ribbentrop, KOJIMA, YAMAMOTO, TATSUMI, SHIRATORI and ITO. The notes offer insight into the interpersonal relationships between the people mentioned, how different sides viewed the military alliance between Germany and Japan, who expressed specific opinions on potential alliances at a conference in the summer of 1938, and how OSHIMA was not trusted by the army while ITO met with great opposition from OSHIMA and SHIRATORI.

Conference with SHIBA, Katsuo July 31, 1947

Statement of facts obtained through conference with Katsuo SHIBA. Discusses Shiba's activities during the war and positions held. Mentions possible German-Japanese cooperation, the so-called Chinese Incident, the HIRANUMA Cabinet, and official meetings. Expresses intention to "recall SHIBA for further questioning after interviewing ABE, Katsuo, ANDO and OHASHI.
1947CE Jul 31st

Boltze, former counselor to the German Embassy in Japan

Indicates that Paul A. Boran interrogated Boltze "who has a file of documents on the Japanese-German relations during the several years preceding the war against the United States." Says there will be further interrogation by Mr. Fihelly, Mr. Lowe and Mr. Sackett and that Boltze "is somewhat of an informer type and can be interrogated accordingly."
1945CE Dec 14th


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