Parent 'Rape of Nanking' to Enter Trial News Article
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‘Rape of Nanking’ to Enter Trial Atrocity Eye-Witnesses Summoned by Keenan By United Press Eye-witnesses to the rape of Nanking will be flown to Tokyo for the forthcoming trials of ex-premier Hideki Tojo and other high-ranking Japanese war criminal suspects, according to Joseph B. Keenan, International Prosecution Section chief. Also in an attempt to pin down the guilt for ‘aggressive war,’ eye-witnesses of the Marco Polo bridge incident in 1937, which gave Japan her excuse to launch eight years of warfare against China, will be brought here to testify, Keenan said. Back from a two-weeks trip to China where he assembled evidence to be used in the Tokyo trials, Keenan declared that although the events took place “many years ago” their importance in establishing war guilt is sufficient to warrant eye-witness testimonial. Keenan confirmed previous reports that indictments of Tojo and other war criminal suspects will be handed down shortly and that the trials would begin soon afterwards.