The People of the IMTFE

All of the individuals named throughout the IMTFE archival materials are listed here. They include the defendants, the defense team, the prosecution team, the team of judges, and various others associated with the trial. While the majority of names identified in the documents belong to individuals present at the trial, some pertain to distant correspondents of trial attendees. Their names have been retrieved from a variety of documents, such as personal papers, official records, correspondences, newspaper clippings, and photographs. Each name on this list leads to a list of every accessible document in which that name is mentioned.


Name Position / Rank
Sadao Araki Chief of General Affairs, Department of the Office of Inspector General of Military Training (1931)
Minister of War (1931-1934)
Member of the Supreme War Council (1934-1936)
Member of the Cabinet Advisory Council on China (1937)
Education Minister (1938-1939)
Member of the Cabinet Advisory Council (1940)
Kenji Doihara Mayor of Mukden (1931)
Commander, Kwantung Army (1938-1940)
Army Commander in Singapore (1944-1945)
Kingorō Hashimoto Colonel
Shunroku Hata Supreme War Council, 1937
Commander, China Expeditionary Army, 1938, 1941-44
Minister of War, 1939-40
Field Marshal
Kiichirō Hiranuma Prime Minister of Japan, January - August 1939
President, Privy Council, 1936, 1945
Home Minister, December 1940 - July 1941
Jushin (Senior Advisor) to Hirohito
Kōki Hirota Prime Minister (March 1936 - February 1937)
Foreign Minister (1933 - 1936)
Ambassador to the Soviet Union (1928 -1931)
Naoki Hoshino Chief Cabinet Secretary, 1941 - 1944
Chief of Financial Affairs, Manchukuo, 1932 - 1934
Director of General Affairs, Manchukuo, 1936
Seishirō Itagaki Chief of Staff, Kwantung Army (1936 - 1937)
Minister of War (1938 - 1939)
Okinori Kaya Minister of Finance (1941 - 1944)
Kōichi Kido Lord Keeper of the Privy Seal (1940 - 1945)
Minister of Education (1937)
Home Minister (1939)
Heitarō Kimura Commander, Burma Expeditionary Force (1944 - 1945)
Chief of Staff, Kwantung Army (1940 - 1941)
Vice Minister of War (1941 - 1943)
Supreme War Counsel (1943)
Kuniaki Koiso Prime Minister of Japan (July 1944 - April 1945)
Governor General of Korea (June 1942 - July 1944)
Iwane Matsui Commander, Shanghai Expeditionary Force & Central China Area Army (1937)
Jirō Minami Governor General of Korea (1936 - 1942)
Akira Mutō Vice Chief of Staff, China Expeditionary Force (1937)
Director, Military Affairs Bureau (1939-42)
Army Commander in Sumatra (1942-43)
Army Chief of Staff in Philippines (1944-45)
Osami Nagano Supreme Naval Advisor to the Emperor (1944 - 1945)
Chief of the General Navy Staff (1941 - 1944)
Commander-in-Chief of the Combined Fleet (1937)
Minister of Navy (1936 - 1937)
Chief Delegate, London Naval Conference (1935)
Member Supreme War Council (1933, 1934)
Delegate, Washington Naval Conference (1921 - 1922)
Takasumi Oka Admiral
Shūmei Ōkawa Political philosopher
Hiroshi Ōshima Ambassador to Germany (1938 - 1939, 1941 - 1945)
Kenryō Satō General
Mamoru Shigemitsu Foreign Minister
Shigetarō Shimada Admiral
Toshio Shiratori Ambassador to Italy
Teiichi Suzuki General
Shigenori Tōgō Foreign Minister
Hideki Tōjō General
Yoshijiro Umezu General

Members of the Prosecution

Name Position / Rank
Joseph B. Alexander Investigative Division, International Prosecution Section (IPS)
W. G. Frederick Borgerhoff-Mulder Netherlands Associate Prosecutor
Virginia Bowman
John W. Brabner-Smith Special Assistant, Chief of Counsel
Lucille C. Brunner
Arthur Strettell Comyns Carr British Associate Prosecutor
Marjorie Nellie Culverwell
Ernest E. Danly Chief, Document Division
Robert M. Donihi
Harryman Dorsey
Joseph F. English Special Committee for Analyzing & Briefing Interrogations
John W. Fihelly
Sergie Alexandrovich Golunsky Soviet Union Associate Prosecutor
Theodore Goulsby Chief, Administrative Division
Henry Austin Hauxhurst
Hugh Barnett Helm
Carlisle Wallace Higgins Assistant, Chief Prosecutor
U.S. Attorney for the Middle District of North Carolina
Associate Justice of the North Carolina Supreme Court
Solis Horwitz Deputy Chief Counsel for the Prosecution
Che-Chun Hsiang Chinese Associate Prosector
Minister of Justice and Foreign Affairs
Travers Christmas Humphreys Special Committee for Analyzing & Briefing Interrogations
Assistant, British Division
G. Osmond Hyde
Eleanor Jackson
Joseph Berry Keenan Chief of Counsel for the Prosecution
United States Assistant Attorney General
Helen Grigware Lambert
A. T. Laverge
Luke Lea Military Aide, Chief of Counsel
Grace Kanode Llewelyn
Pedro Lopez Philippines Associate Prosecutor
Alan J. Mansfield Australian Associate Prosecutor
Governor of Queensland, Australia
Yale C. Maxon
Worth E. McKinney
Parakulangara Govinda Menon British India Associate Prosecutor
Edward P. Monaghan Chief, Investigative Division
Roy L. Morgan Chief, Investigative Division
Thomas H. Morrow
Henry Grattan Nolan Canadian Associate Prosecutor
Vice-Judge Advocate General of the Canadian Army
Robert L. Oneto Provisional Government of the French Republic Associate Prosecutor
Calhoun W. J. Phelps Assistant Chief, Document Division
Ronald Henry Quilliam New Zealand Associate Prosecutor
Deputy Adjutant-General of the New Zealand Army
Bettie Renner
James J. Robinson
Arthur A. Sandusky Chief, Document Division
John D. Shea Special Committee for Analyzing & Briefing Interrogations
Kurt L. Steiner
David Nelson Sutton Prosecutor
Frank Stacy Tavenner Assistant Chief Prosecutor
Acting Chief Prosecutor
A. N. Vasiliev Major-General
Douglas L. Waldorf

Counsel for the Defense

Name Position / Rank
Benjamin Bruce Blakeney American Associate Counsel
George Francis Blewett American Associate Counsel
John G. Brannon American Associate Counsel
Alfred W. Brooks American Associate Counsel
Alice R. Burke Navy Lieutenant Commander
Charles B. Caudle American Associate Counsel
Roger F. Cole American Associate Counsel
Owen Cunningham American Associate Counsel
James N. Freeman American Associate Counsel
George A. Furness American Associate Counsel
E. Richard Harris American Associate Counsel
Joseph C. Howard American Associate Counsel
Samuel Joseph Kleiman American Associate Counsel
Aristides G. Lazarus American Associate Counsel
Michael Levin American Associate Counsel
William Logan, Jr. American Associate Counsel
Floyd J. Mattice American Associate Counsel
William J. McCormack American Associate Counsel
Edward P. McDermott American Associate Counsel
Lawrence J. McManus American Associate Counsel
Samuel Allen Roberts American Associate Counsel
Roger S. Rutchick American Associate Counsel
Miyake Shotaro Japanese Counsel
David F. Smith American Associate Counsel
Franklin E. N. Warren American Associate Counsel
George Carrington Williams American Associate Counsel
George Yamaoka American Associate Counsel


Name Position / Rank
Harlan F. Stone 12th Chief Justice of the United States
Henri Bernard Justice, Member from the Republic of France
Avocat-General (Solicitor-General) at Bangui
Myron Cady Cramer Justice, Member from the United States of America (replaced Higgins in July 1946)
Judge Advocate General of the United States Army
John Patrick Higgins Justice, Member from the United States (replaced July 1946)
Chief Justice of the Massachusetts Superior Court
Delfin Jaranilla Justice, Member from the Philippines
Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of the Philippines
Edward Stuart McDougall Justice, Member from Canada
Judge on the Court of King's Bench of Quebec
Ju-ao Mei Justice, Member from the Republic of China
Chief of the Ministry of Justice
Erima Harvey Northcroft Justice, Member from New Zealand
Judge of the Supreme Court of New Zealand
Radhabinod Pal Justice, Member from British India
Justice of the Calcutta High Court
William Donald Patrick Justice, Member from the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
Senator of the College of Justice
Bernard Victor Aloysius Röling Justice, Member from the Kingdom of the Netherlands
Professor of Law, Utrecht University
Founder of the Polemological Institute
William Flood Webb President of the International Military Tribunal for the Far East
Puisne Justice of the High Court of Australia
Ivan Michyevich Zaryanov Justice, Member from the Soviet Union
Major General of Justice
Member of the Military Collegium of the Supreme Court of the USSR