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Parent Encouragement to Exact the Most Extreme Penalty Possible
Date 5 June 1946
Language English
Collection Roy L. Morgan Papers
Box Box 3
Folder 1946 [IMFTE] (IPS) Translations of interrogations.
Repository University of Virginia Law Library
No 1299, 2 Chome, Nishi Ichi No E, Edogawaku, Tokyo To His Excellency Keenan Chief Prosecutor: Never give in! Exact the extreme penalty from those A class war criminals who have plunged us into our present pitiable condition for the sake fo all the citizens of East Asian countries. Here is a photo of Tojo at the height of his haughtiness & activity, in the Diet. His word full fo falsehood appear in the article accompanying the photo. He was always making such wild & unreliable speeches. I implore you to exact the extreme penalty from them. Please take care fo your health & put forth your utmost endeavors. I firmly believe the final victory will be in the first place ours & also that of all the prosecutors. 5th June: Imai Kotaro To His Excellency Keenan Prosecutor