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Parent War Indictments of Japs Delayed News Article
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War Indictments of Japs Delayed Return of Documents Set for End of Month Return of Indictments against Japan’s top war criminals once promised by the international prosecution section of SCAP for mid-March has now been postponed to around the end of the month by the delay in arrival of some tribunal members and counsel. Moreover, two leading figures of the International Military Tribunal for the Far East will be asent from Tokyo for one or two weeks. Joseph B Keenan, chief of counsel for the IPS, announced that he will emplane tomorrow for China to screen documents, interview witnesses and return with evidence. He is expected to be gone one week. Tribunal President Sir William Webb (chief justice of the supreme court of Queensland, left by air yesterday for Australia to be gone for two weeks. Keenan planned to examine the entire Chinese phase of the international war crimes. He said he would stop at Shanghai first and then visit Nanking to examine captured Japanese documents. HE will be assisted in the examination by Chinese Associate Prosecutor Judge Hsiang Che-chun, who is now in China. Keenan will be accompanied by Assistant Counsel Henry A. Hurxhuast of Cleveland, Investigator Jack Crowley, also of Cleveland. Stenographer Lloyd Lambert o Brookfield, Mo., Lt. John T. Glannigan of New York City and Captain Luke Lee of Nashville, Tenn. The IPS was notified today that Dutch Prosecutor Dr. W. G. Borgerhoss Mulder left Washington for Tokyo by plane March 11 and that the French and Russian judges and prosecutors were in route to Tokyo.