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Parent Writ Petition Sought in U. S. For Yamashita News Article
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Writ Petition Sought in U. S. for Yamashita Copyright by New York Tribune, Inc. Manila, Nov. 26 – Lieut. Gen. Tomoyuki Yamashita’s defense counsel dispatched today a request to the United States Supreme Court for permission to file a petition for writs of habeas corpus and prohibition. The petition is similar to the one now before the Philippines Supreme Court. At Yamashita’s trial today Lieut. Gen. Shiyoku Kou, commandant of prisoner of war and civilian internment camps in the Philippines, asserted he was not responsible for the fact that the Japanese prison ship Oroyoku Maru, which was sunk by American bombers while carrying 1619 American prisoners crowded into two holds, was not marked as a noncombatant vessel. Kou placed the responsibility on the captain of the ship, which he said also was carrying Japanese women and children and the ashes of slain Japanese soldiers. Kou admitted the prisoners were marched from Bilibid Prison here December 13, 1944, and jammed into the s