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Parent Headless Bodies of 5 U. S. Flyers Found in Celebes News Article
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Headless Bodies of 5 U. S. Flyers Found in Celebes Sydney, Australia, Nov. 14 (AP) – Allied investigators said today that natives had found the headless bodies of five American flyers executed by the Japanese on Celebes Island near Makassar. The bodies lay in unmarked graves in a Japanese execution burial ground. The ankles of one body were bound tightly with black cord and the body was crouched forward as if in position for a beheader’s sword. A blindfolded skull was found near the torso, which was clad in United States army trousers. A medical examiner said the victim was beheaded by multiple sword blows. Other human bones and skulls recovered from deep graves bore evidence of beheadings, the investigators said. Natives said the Japanese made gala celebrations of the executions.