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Parent Japanese Major Wins Clemency, Lauds Americans News Article
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Collection C.W.J. Phelps Collection
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Repository University of Virginia Law Library
Japanese Major Wins Clemency, Lauds Americans YOKOHAMA (UP) – An Eighth Army military tribunal sentenced 62-year old Japanese Major Yaichi Rikitaka to 15 years at hard labor, but recommended the sentence be suspended. Rikitake, who was found guilty of failing to provide adequate medical treatment for prisoners of war at Fukuoka Camp and compelling them to perform heavy labor while ill, stood stiffly, with tears in his eyes, as he heard his sentence. When he understood that the commission would recommend the sentence be suspended, he broke out in a loud, high voice and said: “I would like to spend the rest of my life educating the Japanese propel in the American ways of democracy and justice under the Stars and Stripes.” [Note underneath states: This is the job for which Lt. Larry Gardenhire go the Legion of Merit.]