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Parent Hang Jap for Death of Two GI Prisoners News Article
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Hang Jap for Death of Two GI Prisoners Manila, P. I., April 10 (AP) – Takeo Kawai, former Japanese army corporal, was hanged as a war criminal in Lagnua province Tuesday night for the slaying of two American prisoners of war and two Filipino civilians in March, 1945. A United States military commission today convicted six other Japanese of violations of the laws of war and sentenced them to be hanged. The court was told that the Japanese had slaughtered 23 Filipinos, raped seven, and tortured five at Barili on Debu Island on Feb. 9, 1944. Sentence Four in Burma Rangoon, Burma, April 10 [Reuters] – Maj. Hikotaro Ichikawa of the Japanese 33d division was sentenced to be hanged after being found guilty today on charges of killing and torturing 637 inhabitants of the Indian village of Kalagon. Three other officers were found guilty of massacring and torturing villagers and were sentenced to death by shooting. Three others were sentenced to 10 years imprisonment.