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Parent Yamashita's Defense Denied Record Copies News Article
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Yamashita’s Defense Denied Record Copies [Chicago Tribune Press Service] Manila, P. I., Nov. 2 – The military trial commission sitting in judgment on Gen. Tomoyuki Yamashita, today refused the request of Col. Harry E. Clarke, defense battery chief, that he be supplied with 16 additional copies of the record of the arraignment hearing and the hearing on the first day of the trial. The commission added it had no objection if the defense wished to take the matter up with the convening officer, presumably Lt. Gen. W. D. Styer, commanding general of the American forces, Western Pacific. The defense said it wished the documents “for use in contemplated proceedings before a civil court.” The defense said it would be very difficult for them to prepare for themselves the hundreds of pages of testimony and court procedure involved. Maj. Gen. R. B. Reynolds, trial commission president, gave no reason for the refusal of the request.