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Parent Gen. Mihailovic to Stand Trial as Traitor News Article
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Collection C.W.J. Phelps Collection
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Gen. Mihailovic to Stand Trial as Traitor Belgrade (AP) – Interior Minister Lt. General Alexander Rankovic said that General Draja Mihailovic will go on public trial as a traitor sometime in May, just a year from the time he fled with the tattered remnants of his Chetnik army into the wilds of Yugoslavia. Rankovic said that Mihailovic, under preliminary questioning, admitted collaborating with the Germans during the war. Rankovic disclosed that the Chetnik leader was hunted for months by Yugoslav authorities and was captured without resistance in the wild uninhabited border area between Bosnia and Serbia. He said that Mihailovic had been starving for days in an hideout he never left since May 1945. Only 11 followers were with him when captured. The Minister said that Mihailovic is being treated with such consideration that the prisoner himself expressed surprise. He is regaining some of the lost weight and is in good health. While awaiting trial in a Belgrade prison, a staff of 47 government men are sorting and reading his documents, which Rankovic said showed clearly that “Mihailovic had collaborated with the occupation forces and committed crimes against the people.”