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Parent Jap Films Showing Effects of A-Bombs Leave Tokyo for U. S. News Article
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Jap Films Showing Effects of A-Bombs Leave Tokyo For U. S. Tokyo, Japan, May 14 (Reuters) – A large metal box marked “confidential” and addressed to the commanding general of the United States army air forces in Washington, D. C., was put aboard a plane at Atsugi air field tonight. It contains 14,914 feet of captured Japanese film showing the immediate after-effects of atomic bombs dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki last August. Some shots show the “shadow” of a man who was engaged in painting the side of a metal vat in Hiroshima when the bomb fell. The silhouette of the man, his hat, a ladder, and the outstretched paint brush were etched into the vat’s surface. Red Makes a Prediction Moscow, Russia, May 14 (Reuters) – Prof. Peter Kapitsa, atom scientist, said today it would take 10 years for atomic energy fundamentally to change the economic structure of the world. Human nature, he added, does not change.