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Parent Generals' Baggage Sought News Article
Language English
Collection C.W.J. Phelps Collection
Box Box 2
Folder Second Phelps Scrap Book
Repository University of Virginia Law Library
Generals’ Baggage Sought The Japanese Government was ordered August 6 to locate the heavy baggage of a group of Allied generals who were prisoners of war. The generals lost their baggage when they were transferred from Sjirikawa camp, at Formosa, to Cheng Chia Tun in Manchuria. Maj. Gen. G. M. Parker, of the United States army, senior officer among the prisoners, advised SCAP’s Civil Property Custodian he “repeatedly traced the baggage, but it did not arrive prior to repatriation day.” Lt. Gen. W. Schilling, head of the Netherlands Military Mission in Japan, also a prisoner, said the group included Dutch, American and British generals who were “forced to leave their heavy baggage behind when they were transferred.”