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Parent Okawa Said Not Likely to Enter Court Again News Article
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Okawa Said Not Likely to Enter Court Again Treatment at Teidal Hospital Has Very Little Effect Medical experts who are treating Dr. Shumei Okawa, one of the 27 defendants at the International Military Tribunal for the Far East, said that unless a miracle happens, Okawa will never be able to defend himself at the court again, the Asahi reports. Dr. Nichimaru of the Tokyo Imperial University hospital who is in charge of treating Okawa, finished his “malaria” treatment on Okawa but the treatment has had but very little effect. “His memory is still good but as far as his facts and imagination are concerned they are all mixed up,” Dr. Nichimaru revealed adding that “since his cerebral cells are so badly affected, it would be a miracle if he be able to return to the court to defend himself.”