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1946, [International Military Trial of the Far East (IMFTE)]. International Prosecution Section (IPS) Civil Censorship Detachment. Confidential documents.
1946, [IMFTE] (IPS) Evidence and Defendants Committee. Memoranda.
1946, [IMFTE] (IPS) Executive Committee Meetings Minutes.
1946, [IMFTE] (IPS) General Orders. Memoranda.
1946, [IMFTE] (IPS) Interrogations of Japanese Officials.
1946, [IMFTE] Interrogation: Ai-Hsin-Cho Lo Pu Yi (Henry Pu Yi).
1946, [IMFTE] Interrogation: Shigenori Togo.
1946, [IMFTE] (IPS) Investigative Information. Miscellaneous individuals. (Index included).
1946, (IMFTE) Interrogation: Hideki Tojo