Appendix The Minimum Japanese Requirements which must be fulfilled and the Limits of the Concessions to which Japan can agree. Part I. Minimum Japanese Requirements which must be met in the negotiations with America (Britain). 1.America and Britain must not intervene in, or obstruct, Japan’s attempt to dispose of the China Affair. (a)They are not to obstruct the Japanese plan to settle the China Affair in accordance with the Sino-Japanese Basic Treaty and the Tripartite Join Declaration of Japan, Manchoukuo and China. (b)The Burma Road must be closed; and the Chaing Regime must be afforded no assistance, military or economic. Note: The foregoing does not affect in any way Japanese claims in the “N” negotiations relating to settlement of the China Affair. Especially the claim relating to the stationing of Japanese troops as stipulated under the new Sino-Japanese Agreement is to be firmly upheld. However, there is no objection to stating definitively that with the settlement of the China Affair Japan is prepared to withdraw as a rule the other troops that have been dispatched to China in order to execute the China Affair. There