INTERNATIONAL MILITARY TRIBUNAL FOR THE FAR EAST No. 1. Paper No. ____________ UNITED STATES OF AMERICA & ORS.Prosecutors - AGAINST - ARAKI, SADAO and ORSDefendants APPLICATION FOR LEAVE TO PRESENT THE FRENCH CASE IN RESPECT OF CLASS B & C OFFENCES IN THE FRENCH LANGUAGE Tuesday, December 24th, 1946 NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the above named Prosecutors will apply to the International Military Tribunal for the Far East for an order granting leave for the case on behalf of France with respect to class B and C Offences to be presented in the French language on the grounds that, owing to the Associate Prosecutor for France and his staff being unfamiliar with the English language, time will be saved if the French language can be used and on the further grounds that the case cannot be properly presented in the English language. [signed Joseph Higgins] Assistant Chief of Counsel TO: The General Secretary International Military Tribunal for the Far East AND TO: The Defendants.