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Parent Interrogations June 4, 1946
Date 4 June 1946
Language English
Collection Tavenner Papers & IMTFE Official Records
Box Box 3
Folder General Reports and Memoranda from June 1946
Repository University of Virginia Law Library
GENERAL HEADQUARTERS SUPREME COMMANDER FOR THE ALLIED POWERS INTERNATIONAL PROSECUTION SECTION 4 June 1946 MEMORANDUM TO: The Staff FROM: The Chief of Counsel SUBJECT: Interrogations A Central Interrogation Center has been established under the control and direction of the Assistant Chief of staff, G-2, GHQ, SCAP to regulate interrogations of Japanese and foreign nationals in Japan, in accordance with existing War Department policies. Hereafter no interrogations of Japanese or other enemy aliens will be performed in Japan by agencies of any country, except by prior authority of and under the direct supervision of the Assistant Chief of Staff, G-2, General Headquarters. All requests by members of the International Prosecution Section for authority to conduct interrogations will be made in writing (an original and one carbon copy) to Miss Abilock, Room 300, and shall contain the name of the person to be interrogated and his or her address, or last known position of employment, together with a short description of the purpose of the interrogation. Clearance with G-2 will be obtained by the office of Mr. Morgan, and arrangements will be made for a date of interrogation with the person desired. American intelligence officers and interpreters will be present to assist in all authorized interrogations. Three (3) copies of each interrogation will be furnished to Miss Abilock for forwarding to G-2. This order applies to all interrogations wherever conducted. [signed Joseph B. Keenan] JOSEPH B. KEENAN Chief of Counsel