Lines of Action in the Execution of Japan’s National Policy. Decision following the Imperial Conference of September 6, 1941. In view of the critical situation at present especially the hostile attitude assumed by America, Britain, and the Netherlands, the situation of the Soviet Union, and the resiliency of Japanese national power. The measures vis-à-vis the Southern regions mentioned in the “Lines of Action of Japan’s National Policy to be Pursued According to the Changing Situation” will be carried out as set forth hereunder: 1.In order to insure self-preservation and self-defense, Japan under the resolve to risk a war with America (Britain and the Netherlands) will go forward with war preparations, which are to be completed sometime toward the latter part of October. 2.Parallelly with the fore-going measure, Japan will strive to establish fully her claims by diplomatic means vis-à-vis American and Britain. In the negotiations with America (Britain) the minimum Japanese requirements which must be fulfilled, and the limits of the concession Japan can agree to make will be as set forth in the Appendix.