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Parent Documentary Evidence
Date 11 June 1946
Language English
Collection Tavenner Papers & IMTFE Official Records
Box Box 3
Folder General Reports and Memoranda from June 1946
Repository University of Virginia Law Library
GENERAL HEADQUARTERS SUPREME COMMANDER FOR THE ALLIED POWERS INTERNATIONAL PROSECUTION SECTION 11 June 1946 MEMORANDUM TO: The Staff, IPS SUBJECT : Documentary Evidence The following documents are in the possession of CIS and are available to the Legal Staff, IPS, for use in the prosecution of instant case: 1.Japan and the Independence of India, dated 20 Sept 1942, No. 15070-1/2 2.Typewritten transcripts of speeches made by General ARAKI while he was Minister of Education, 1939, No. 15077-1/10. 3.Printed pamphlets, “Young Officers Under the Martial Law (Feb 26th Incident),” KOBAYASHI, Tadajiro, March 1936, 71 pages, No. 15061-7a/691. 4.Printed pamphlet, “The May 15th Incident and the Aigojuku,” by KOTEI Hajime, April 1933, No. 15061-7a/681. 5.Printed book, “The Undercurrent of the May 15th Incident,” IFUBE Takaki, October 1933, No. 15061-7a/672. 6.“Confidential Account of the May 15th Incident,” MAKINO Seichi, October 1935, No. 15061-7a/636. 7.“Summary of the Youth Education,” Youth Education Ministry, Social Education Bureau, 1940, confidential, No. 15061-7/535. 8.“Who Will Emerge a Victor, Japan or Russia or the U. S.?” by KMATO Akira, November 1932, No. 15061-6/505. 9.“Tracing the U. S. Anti-Japan Movement,” HASHIMOTO Tetsuma, May 1941, No. 15061-6/434. 10.“Caution required in Carrying out the Enlightment Program,” Police Bureau, Home Ministry, 1942, No. 15061-6/459/ 11.“What Comes After Shanghai Incident,” by KITAMURA Kaichi, April 1932, No. 15061-4/301. 12.“Warning to All Japanese Subjects,” by General ARAKI Sadao, February 1933, No. 15061-4/300. 13.“Theory of Establishing a New Nation (Manchuria) on the Agricultural Basis,” by TACHIBANA Kosaburo, 1932, No. 15061-2/176/