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MAY IT PLEASE THE TRIBUNAL, The Prosecution is of the opinion that it would be of assistance to the Tribunal if a Reply were made to certain contentions made by the Defense in the Summations which have just been concluded. In the preparation of that Reply an effort has been made to deal only with important and material matters and to meet them with brevity and conciseness. With the permission of the Tribunal that Reply will be made in three parts as it appeared that what has been prepared falls conveniently into three classifications. The first part, which will be presented by the U.S.S.R. Division, will deal with those matters arising out of the U.S.S.R. General Summation presented by the Defense and which in our opinion require reply. The second part, which will be presented by the Chinese Division, will answer the contention of the accused DOHIHARA and ITAGAKI who have been shown by the evidence to have been prominent as instigators and active participants in the aggressive action taken by Japan in Manchuria in 1931 and which later spread to other parts of China. The third part will consist of the comprehensive reply of the Prosecution made in answer to the general propositions laid down by the Defense both in the General Summations and in the argument on the law. This part will also contain appropriate references to pertinent points arising out of the individual defense summations. As Distribution of the whole of the Prosecution Reply has not yet been made, the Prosecution desires to inform the Tribunal that it is anticipated that the argument will be concluded in approximately one and one-half days.