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Parent Educational System in Japan
Date 13 March 1947
Language English
Collection Tavenner Papers & IMTFE Official Records
Box Box 4
Folder General Reports and Memoranda from March 1947
Repository University of Virginia Law Library
INTERNATIONAL PROSECUTION SECTION NETHERLANDS DIVISION 13 March 1947 To: Mr. Frank Tavenner, Jr. From: Mr. A. T. Laverge Special Studies No. 4 Subject: Educational System in Japan In the following there are only given those facts which appear in the evidence submitted by the Prosecution or in the avail¬able Defense documents on this subject. Lack of time has made it impossible to look for further information elsewhere. The Defense documents dealing with this subject are: 1.Document 439 - Affidavit by YOSHIDA, Kumaji. This document deals with the history background and the character of the educational system in Japan. Although a certain number of relevant facts are to be found, a great part of the document consists of opinions and conclusions. See, for instance, page 16, last five lines: "It is my firm belief that the fact that militarism and aggressiveness was not included in the moral education in our general schools is quite clear by looking at the laws." And page 15, beginning of second paragraph, "Thus the essential character of Japanese moral education -------- is peaceful and cultural and is neither militaristic nor aggressive." 2.Defense document 632 - Affidavit by OKUTOMI, Ichiro. This document consisting of 45 pages contains hardly a single fact and is made up of conclusions and opinions. The deponent gives his views on the history of Japanese education. In view of the extreme age of the deponent it is possible that the Defense will introduce this document instead of examining the witness directly. The document should not be admitted. 3.Document 141. This document is an excerpt from a book and con¬tains the "17 Golden Rules for Japanese Government Officials", laid down in the year 604. The document is entirely irrele¬vant and should not be admitted. 4.Document 65O - Affidavit by IWAMATSU, Goro. This affidavit gives some information as to development of Japanese education in the 1930s. (Pp 1 to 3) and then gives the deponent's views on the peaceful character of Araki. 5.Document 691 (not on list) - Affidavit by YOSHIDA, Akio. The deponent gives relevant information on military training in Japanese schools, but there are still many opinions and con¬clusions included in the affidavit.