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Parent Tavenner's work and Trial update
Date 28 May 1947
Language English
Collection Tavenner Papers & IMTFE Official Records
Box Box 4
Folder General Reports and Memoranda from May 1947
Repository University of Virginia Law Library
28 May 1947 Honorable Joseph B. Keenan 520 Woodward Building Washington, D. C. My dear Joe: I had a long visit with Frank Tavenner Sunday, and during our discussion of how we can more effectively use our personnel, I could gather that Frank, in addition to devoting his full time to proceedings in court, is forced to carry the extra responsibility and worry of directing the preparation for trial as well. Sutton is in charge of preparation and is doing a good job, but lacks orderly administrative ability. While he works far into the night and gets along beautifully with his associates and knows how to turn out his work, by reason of a nervous temperament he scatters his ability and for that reason frank must con¬stantly be alert to assist him. Sol Horwitz, in addition to carrying on his work, is doing all he possibly can to assist. Aside from Sol, we have no seasoned, experienced lawyer that Frank can use in his work. Commander Cole, Sandusky and Steiner are all carrying heavy assignments. Our new lawyers are all busy on assignments reviewing evidence in preparation for the calling of the individual defendants as well as reviewing the background of some three hundred prospective witnesses which are to bo called. Frank is never one to complain. In fact, to the contrary, he is putting tremendous energy and great enthusiasm into his work, but I am seriously afraid that in the long run ahead it is a burden too heavy for any one man to carry. He was so eager to get Aussie Hyde out here because he had worked with him so closely and Hyde has the ability to organise his work in an orderly and effective manner. If he was here it would take a tremendous burden off of Frank's shoulders, from the information we receive here, Hyde is willing to come and I understand the Department of Justice has no objection to his again being assigned to IPS. We understood that there was some question arose between the War Department and the Department of Justice as to the manner in which his salary would be appor¬tioned. I am sure this matter can be straightened out. I think we owe it to Frank to exert every possible effort to get him the help he needs. If his choice in this respect is Hyde, then nothing should be left undone to get Hyde out here. I am not too sure about the interest Luke devoted in his endeavor to get the Hyde matter straightened out. I wish that you, yourself, would have a talk with Tom Clark and got the actual facts from him, then see if there isn't some possible way it can be worked out to get Hyde on the job. This has been the only request that Frank has made in assuming the responsibility when Higgins left. can not over-emphasize the splendid work Frank is doing. The whole atmosphere of our organisation has been lifted to a new high from an organisation torn by dissention, intrigue and inefficiency in so many places. We now have a