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Parent Public Statement and AP Article on Keenan's Departure from Japan
Date 10 June 1946
Language English
Collection Tavenner Papers & IMTFE Official Records
Box Box 3
Folder General Reports and Memoranda from June 1946
Repository University of Virginia Law Library
International Prosecution Section APO 500, (Adv.) c/o Postmaster, San Francisco, California 10 June 1946 PERSONAL Joseph B. Keenan, Esquire Chief of Counsel, Eastern Section War Crimes Branch Civil Affairs Division War Department Washington 25, D.C. Dear Mr. Keenan: An unfortunate situation developed here yesterday several hours after your departure. I trust that my handling of it will meet with your approval. Captain Stickle, of the Public Relations Office, called me by telephone at the office and stated that the Associated Press had an article announcing the fact of your departure for the States and this announcement would appear in the public press in the United States on Monday afternoon. Captain Stickle further stated that he had just prepared an article denying the correctness of this news item but before releasing it he desired to check with us for the purpose of determining its accuracy. After discussing in some detail the Associated Press news item, I felt that we could not remain silent and permit SCAP to deny the fact of your departure. Captain Stickle was of the opinion that the Associated Press article, in the form in which it was prepared, would result in endless speculation as to the purpose and occasion for your departure, and he felt it very much in your interest that there be no mystery about it. I was faced with the necessity of deciding whether I should evade answering the question and thereby permit SCAP to deny the fact of your departure, and I met this by stating that I thought it would be a mistake to deny your departure. I knew you wanted no announcement made here, but the announcement was nevertheless going to be made, and I was of the opinion that nay other action on my part would aggravate the situation rather than help it. We miss you greatly and are looking forward to your early return. With all best wishes, I am Sincerely yours, FRANK S. TAVENNER, Jr.