Measures for Economic Development of the Netherlands East Indies. Cabinet Decision of October 25, 1940. Recognizing the inevitable emergence of economic blocs with the rise of a new world order and Japan’s dominant position in the Netherlands East Indies by virtue of the Tripartite Pact between Japan, Germany and Italy, and being desirous to strengthen our economic relations with the NEI from the large view point of co-existence and co-prosperity, to bring that country into the community of nations of Greater East Asia Economic Bloc with Japan as its center by developing and utilizing its rich natural resources, Japan will take the following measures as an initial program. 1. The NEI will be made to liquidate its dependence upon the Euro-American Economic Bloc, and to become a member of the Greater East Asia Economic bloc. 2. Efforts will be made to induce the NEI to remove or moderate the various existing restrictions which hinder the economic activities of Japanese nationals so as to enable them to engage more actively and freely in all economic activities than other nationals. 3. In order to secure the vital commodities needed by Japan within the Greater East Asia Sphere as far as possible and