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Parent Teletype Conference September 3, 1947
Date 3 September 1947
Language English
Collection Tavenner Papers & IMTFE Official Records
Box Box 5
Folder General Memoranda and Reports from September 1947
Repository University of Virginia Law Library
TELECON CONFERENCE 3 September 1947 PRESENT IN WASHINGTON: Col. E. H. Young Lt. Comdr. J. O. Collins Mr. Arnold Nestel Mr. J. S. Egre PRESENT IN TOKYO: Lt. Col. G. W. Hanley Capt. J. J. Robinson Capt. J. R. Pritchard Mr. Owen Cunningham SUBJECT: War Crimes CLASSIFICATION: Unclassified WD-1 For IPS Re 16 last TT and 2 19049 dated 23 August 1947. 3 copies of State Dept. publication 468 airmailed yesterday. Only 35 additional copies available at GPO. These copies were requested but delivery cannot be expected before a few weeks. Shall we forward these upon receipt or cancel requisition? Only copy of hearings before the committee on Foreign Relations on the General Pact for renunciation of war, Paris, 27 Aug 1928 was obtained from Library of Congress and photo offset copies were requested. These will be forwarded soonest. WD-8 For IPS Re FEC 15, last TT Info passed to Mr. Cusack. WD-13 Collins to Robinson Re FEC item 5 this TT. Letter and enclosures sent to L.A. Probate court 27 August 1947. FEC-5 From IPS (Robinson) to Collins: Re WD-27 last TT: Agree Colonel Young?ÇÖs suggestion WCO draft request to L.A. probate court that executor be ordered loan Wilcox diary to WCO under stipulated conditions. Suggest draft request be accompanied by WDCO letter to executor including such points as in Colonel Young?ÇÖs letter dated 4 August and executor?ÇÖs reply. Any procedure satisfactory to Colonel Young and you is satisfactory to me. FEC-6 From IPS (Robinson) to Collins: Nuremburg documents received. Writing General Taylor. Your letters dated 5 and 26 August just received. Replying airmail. Will request several documents and affidavits for rebuttal. Concluded cross-examination yesterday principal naval defense witnesses.