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Parent Doc. No. 1332 - Analysis of Documentary Evidence
Language English
Collection Tavenner Papers & IMTFE Official Records
Box Box 24
Folder Selected Analysis Document Evidence - No Order
Repository University of Virginia Law Library
International Prosecution Section Doc. No. 1332 15 April 1946 Analysis of Attached Document. Description of Attached Document. Title and Nature: File containing outline of the discussion on the American-Japanese negotiations before Dec. 8, 1941 at conferences of the Foreign Ministry. Date: Original ( ) Copy (x) Has it been translated? Yes ( ) No (x) Has it been photostated? Yes ( ) No (x) Location of Original (also Witness if applicable) as of: Document Division Source of Original: Foreign Ministry Persons implicated: Crimes to which document applicable: Aggression – U. S. Summary of Relevant Points: Document titled No. 2 of X “To What Extent Is It Possible for Japan To Mitigate Her Minimum Demands?” Pending important problems in Jap-American negotiations are: (1) occupation and withdrawal of Japanese troops in China and French Indo-China; (2) equal opportunity of commerce in China; (3) interpretation of Treaty of Triple Alliance; and, (4) problems of the Four Principles. Roughly stated in the document are the points of these problems on which Japan will compromise with the U.S.A. Analyst: Lt. Uyehara Doc. No. 1332