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Parent Telecon Conference re: War Crimes
Date 13 August 1947
Language English
Collection Tavenner Papers & IMTFE Official Records
Box Box 5
Folder General Reports and Memoranda from August 1947
Repository University of Virginia Law Library
TELECON CONFERENCE 13 August 1947 PRESENT IN WASHINGTON: Mr. Arnold Nestel Comdr. H. M. Hart PRESENT IN TOKYO: Capt. J. J. Robinson Lt. Col. C. W. Hanley, IMTFE Major T. R. C. King, Legal Mr. Michael Levin, Defense SUBJECT: War Crimes CLASSIFICATION: Unclassified WD-11 For Luke Lea Re FEC 22 Part 3 Letter was forwarded after your departure. WD-12 For IPs Re FEC 23 State Department concurrence not yet received. WD-17 For IPS Re FEC 25 Two cables were forwarded to IMTFE answering inquiries. Cable including State Department views will be sent at conclusion of conferences when official view will be stated. FEC-22 From IPS Associated Press carried the following interview from Mr. Keenan: “An early trial before an ‘Appropriate, lawful Tribunal’ of a large number of so-called Class A Japanese war crimes suspects presently held in Sugamo Prison was promised today by Chief Prosecutor Joseph B. Keenan.” From Luke Lea to Mr. Hubert and Mr. Lyons: 1.Preliminary conference with Mr. Keenan resulted in men being assigned to further investigate suspects in line with our last conference. We are trying to ascertain different categories into which suspects might fall and will advise your office promptly. 2.Please forward soonest air mail copies of memo prepared by Mr. Lyons outlining suggested procedure to be adopted here. 3.The letter signed by Dr. Brown and Captain Robinson that was to be supplemented or concurred in by your office was not in documents given me by Nestel. 4.Please forward this letter together with your recommendations or comments and the proposed comments widening Horwitz’s yardsticks. This was discussed fully with Mr. Lyons.