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Parent Far East Military Tribunal Adjourns News Article
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Far East Military Tribunal Adjourns To Consider Defense Plea of Jap Defendants Interrupting a defense plea for a bill of particulars against five war crimes defendants, the International Military Tribunal for the Far East adjourned indefinitely Wednesday morning to consider the pela in chambers. U. S. Army Capt. Samuel J. Kleiman, counsel for Kiichiro Hiranuma, asked for the bill in behalf of Hiranuma and four others. Kleiman moved for a bill of particulars concerning each offense, charging that the indictment did not state “in simple language” each offense charged and that it contained “not facts but conclusions.” Arthur Comyns Carr, associate prosecutor for Britain, objected to Kleiman’s lengthy plea, and the court adjourned to consider the plea in chambers. The tribunal announced through the court marshal that it would adjourn indefinitely, failing to add whether it would convene again before June 3, the date set for the trial itself. The question of translation was again brought up by Capt. Beverly Coleman, USNR, who was designated chief American counsel for the defendants. Coleman requested that proceedings be translated in short sentences. The court granted his request.