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Parent Teletype Conference September 10, 1947
Date 10 September 1947
Language English
Collection Tavenner Papers & IMTFE Official Records
Box Box 5
Folder General Memoranda and Reports from September 1947
Repository University of Virginia Law Library
TELECON CONFERENCE 10 September 1947 PRESENT IN WASHINGTON: Comdr. H. M. Hart Mr. Arnold Nestel Mr. C. F. Hubbert Capt. W. L. Woodruff Mr. Michael Levin PRESENT IN TOKYO: Lt. Col. C. W. Hanley Maj. T.R.C. King Maj. W. T. Martin Mr. I. Kaye Mr. Owen Cunningham Capt. J. J. Robinson SUBJECT: War Crimes CLASSIFICATION: Unclassified WD-7 For IPS Re FEC 15, TT 27 Aug., Has Luke Lea left? If so, when, on what boat and what port of entry? Can you give reply this TT? WD-8 For IPS Re FEC 6, last TT. The following information was received from Adrin Fisher, Asst. to Judge Biddle: ?Ç£A. No definite ruling made by Court on limitation of time permitted each defendant on direct or cross-examination at Nuremberg, but constant prodding by presiding judge prevented unnecessary use of time. B. The same is true on limitation of time for each accused on defense except for defense counsel?ÇÖs summation in which case a total number of days, allowing approximately one-half day for each defendant, was allotted. Division of this allotted time was made by mutual agreement among defense counsel and proved to be more than sufficient time for all summation. Documents and witnesses were approved by court in advance and often allowed documents to be summarized instead of being read into record.?Ç¥ WD-9 For IPS Re Mr. Keenan?ÇÖs cable for info to Mr. Henry Sackett. The following TWX from Sackett received yesterday: ?Ç£Recent appointment to public office makes acceptance impossible. Deeply appreciated Mr. Keenan?ÇÖs invitation. Letter will follow.?Ç¥ WD-19 For Robinson from Collins: Re FEC item 31 TT 13 August. Letter from ONI states that Minobe pamphlet cannot be furnished. ?Ç£Ever possible source has been checked including the following: Record and files sections of following: Record and files sections of Naval Intelligence and other sections of operations, Washington Document Center, Record Center and the Library of Congress.