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Parent Doc. No. 756 - Analysis of Documentary Evidence
Date 14 March 1946
Language English
Collection Tavenner Papers & IMTFE Official Records
Box Box 24
Folder Selected Analysis Document Evidence - No Order
Repository University of Virginia Law Library
International Prosecution Section Doc. No. 756 14 March 1946 Analysis of Attached Document. Description of Attached Document. Title and Nature: Magazine "BUNGEI SHUNJU", Special Edition Date: Original (x) Copy ( ) Language: Japanese Has it been translated? Yes ( ) No (x) Has it been photostated? Yes ( ) No (x) Location of Original (also Witness if applicable) as of: Document Division Source of Original: Document Acquisition Group Persons implicated: Oshima, Hiroshi Crimes to which document applicable: Incitement to aggressive warfare. Summary of Relevant Points (with page references): This document contains on p. 8 an article by OSHIMA entitled interview with Hitler he had in November 1938. In it, Hitler used the Japanese proverb, “When victory seems won, tighten your helmet string.” Considering the fact that at that time, Hitler had just won his easy victories in annexing Austria and the Sudetenland. OSHIMA believes that Hitler was looking forward to things to come in quoting this proverb. “And thus in September of next year, the hostilities with Poland began.” Hitler as well as Goering then used the same proverb in official speeches. OSHIMA finds it significant that this Japanese maxim is stirring the German youth, not only because of its meaning, but also because of the “authority and force of the Japanese Empire, the name of which resounds throughout the world.” Analyst: 2nd Lt. Steiner Doc. No. 756