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Parent Documents of Interest not in OSHIMA's case file
Date 14 November 1947
Language English
Collection Tavenner Papers & IMTFE Official Records
Box Box 6
Folder General Reports and Memoranda from November 1947
Repository University of Virginia Law Library
14 November 1947 MEMORANDUM TO : Mr. Frank S. Tavenner FROM : Lt. Kurt Steiner The following documents which are not referred to in OSHIMA' case file may be of interest. 1. To show the character of the anti-Comintern Pact, as a means of Japanese expansion policy in China: a,.IPS Document 1634 - A Foreign Ministry file entitled "Important Decisions Regarding International and National Policies." Item 12 A is the "Opinion Regarding the <insert>Draft for</insert> Aviation Policy in China" by the War Ministry, dated March 1937. According to this document the Army demanded negotiations for free flight over Chinese territory, establishment of airport in Ansi with the purpose of establishing a flight connecting Japan, Manchukuo, and Germany. Germany should be required to help Japan to negotiate with China for the above aim. b.OSHIMA's connection with this matter is shown in IPS Document 4031, Item 11. This is a memorandum by Ribbentrop about a conference with OSHIMA on 5 July 1937 in which OSHIMA, among other things, informs Ribbentrop that the air agreement may be expected soon, that flights by the southern route will be started in the course of this year and that a more northerly airline would be established as soon as Singkiang was put in order (The same document also shows that Ribben¬trop complained to OSHIMA that the formula proposed by Ambassador TOGO, <insert>his</insert> superior, was not satisfactory and that OSHIMA promised to get in touch with the Japanese general staff. 2.To show the extent of Japanese-German cooperation in the war. IPS Document 3146 is a file of the Japanese Navy entitled "Outline of Meritorious Records in the Greater East Asia War." The document mentions that a part of Rear Admiral ICHIOKA's Eighth Submarine Fleet was dispatched to Europe to establish connection with Germany, and that ICHIOKA helped German submarines in joint Japanese-German operations in the Indian Ocean.