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Date 16 December 1946
Language English
Collection Tavenner Papers & IMTFE Official Records
Box Box 3
Folder General Reports and Memoranda from December 1946
Repository University of Virginia Law Library
16 December 1946 MEMO FROM: Comdr. Maxon, Language Division TO: Mr. Mahoney (Copies to MR. Higgins, Mr. Tavenner, Brig. Nolan, Capt. Robinson, and Investigative Division) SUBJECT: Kanji ISHIHARA (ISHIWARA) 1.General TANAKA’s testimony on page 2012 and Page 2016 of the Record indicates that five men planned the Manchurian Incident, to wit: HASHIMOTO CHO OKAWA ITAGAKI ISHIHARA (See also File 229-30) 2.CHO is dead. HASHIMOTO, OKAWA, and ITAGAKI are quite properly in the dock. ISHIHARA, who is credited (Page 2012 and Page 2016) along with ITAGAKI as having been the motivating force behind this plan in the Kwantung Army has not yet been indicted though TOJO has recently requested permission to interrogate him in order to determine if he will be useful to him as a witness. 3.A partial analysis of the ISHIHARA file reflects the following additional facts regarding Subject: a.Yoshisuke AIKAWA stated to Mr. Horwitz that ISHIHARA and ITAGAKI were responsible for the Manchurian Incident. (File 229-25) b.Takuo GODO stated to Mr. Hammack that “the leaders of the Kwantung Army at that time and the leaders of the Manchurian Incident” were General HONJO (now deceased), General ITAGAKI, Major DOIHARA, and Major ISHIHARA. (File 229-26) c.SHIRATORI on 20 March 1946 named ITAGAKI and ISHIHARA as leaders in the Manchurian Incident. (File 229-27) d.Masuo KATO stated on 6 February 1946 that ITAGAKI and ISHIHARA were responsible for planning the Mukden Incident. (File 229-31) e.ISHIHARA was listed as a possible war criminal in list of suspected War Criminals compiled by War Crimes Board, JAG, 12 September 1945 (File 229-3) f.ISHIHARA was a member of the Sakurai Kai (Cherry Blossom Society) and was active in the Toe Remmei Doshi Kai (East Asia League of Comrades) probably as late as Spring of 1946. (File 229-23) Concerning him and the latter league an