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Parent Order Appointing Referees and Arbiters for the Tribunal
Date June 1946
Language English
Collection Tavenner Papers & IMTFE Official Records
Box Box 3
Folder General Reports and Memoranda from June 1946
Repository University of Virginia Law Library
INTERNATIONAL MILITARY TRIBUNAL FOR THE FAR EAST Office of the President *** ORDER APPOINTING REFEREES AND ARBITERS FOR THE TRIBUNAL 1.The following persons having heretofore been appointed and sworn as Interpreters for the International Military Tribunal for the Far East, are hereby appointed to act as Arbiters and Referees for the International Military Tribunal for the Far East: MAJOR LARDNER W. MOORE, 0511444, General Headquarters, Supreme Commander for the Allied Powers MR. JOSEPH K. SAKO, civilian, International Prosecution Section; PROFESSOR MITSUAKI KAKEHI, Japanese national. 2.Referees and Arbiters appointed will resolve all controversies, disputes and differences of opinion which may arise in the translation of oral evidence adduced before the Tribunal, and all disputes, controversies and differences of opinion relating to the translation and interpretation of any and all documents by whomsoever submitted to said Tribunal; subject however to the control of this Tribunal. /s/ W.F. Webb SIR WILLIAM WEBB, President, International Military Tribunal For the Far East.