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Parent News reprint of 'TOJO, SHIMADA among twelve expected to be sentenced to death'
Date 31 December 1969
Language English
Collection Tavenner Papers & IMTFE Official Records
Box Box 6
Folder General Reports and Memoranda from March 1948
Repository University of Virginia Law Library
TOJO, SHIMADA among twelve expected to be sentenced to death. Washington observers think SHIGEMITSU and two others may be found "Not Guilty." (Reporter Morris Harris - in Washington, dispatched on the 20th. AP special contract). As the Tokyo trial draws near its end, many con-jectures are being made in Washington on its results. Considering these conjectures, the prevailing opinion seems to be that about half of the war criminal suspects will be sentenced to death by hanging. That is, those who have been studying the progress of the Tokyo trial for the past two years, expect the issue to be as follows: Death penalty: About half of the twenty-five war criminal suspects. Imprisonment: About ten persons. Not guilty:One to three. The investigators in Washington believe that what¬ever judgment the Tokyo trial may give, General MacArthur will approve it in general. He must give the final deci¬sion on the judgment of the Court, but on that occasion, he can only mitigate the punishment. General MacArthur is also the executor of the Tokyo trial. Whatever judgement the Tokyo trial may give which the General himself may approve, he has the responsibility for carrying it out. In Washington they believe that General MacArthur will quickly carry out his duty when the Court passes judgment. It is yet unknown here how long it will take the Court to decide on its judgment. The prosecutors connected with the Trial and now back in Washington will probably not give any comment on the expected judgment. They say that every¬thing is in the hands of the Court and avoid discussion on the matter. However, many Americans have studied the pro¬gress of the Tokyo trial and have reached the conclusion as to what the expected issue will be. Over here, the opinion is that those who will be sentenced to death among the war criminal suspects will be able men of a vicious and base character or schemers who thought most of promoting personal power even at the price of the sacrifice of the Japanese people. The principal war criminal suspects who, it is -1-