Page 119

Parent Collaboration Between Japan, Germany and Italy Volume III
Date 23 February 1940
Language English
Collection Tavenner Papers & IMTFE Official Records
Box Box 15
Folder Japan, Germany, Italy Collaboration Vol 3
Repository University of Virginia Law Library
"A* I felt it was simply a question of the approach and that the bridge between .the.two ideas CQUld be easily built* WQ. Actually, General, you were there on the ground and you knew RIBBENTROP well; you worked very closely with him; were you not as a matter of fact firm in your feeling that the ideas that he advanced were probably the more desirable? 11 A. I could not go so far as to say that. WQ. How far can you go? The other answer seems to me to be extremely general. I want to know what you personally felt* "A. I repeat that I felt that there was no, basic dif¬ference; it was simply in the means to be followed. And then arose the problem of what type of treaty or agreement would suit both nations. In order to draw up a plan that would be satisfactory to both Japan and Germany, two men from my Bnbassy by the names of USAMI and TAKEUCHI met with GAUS from the German Foreign Office and drew up various plans. None of these was entirely satisfactory to either the German or Japanese Governments, but I was con¬tinuously trying to find a bridge over which the two might come together and meet. I believe, although, of course, these were only my own thoughts, that