Page 163

Parent Collaboration Between Japan, Germany and Italy Volume III
Date 23 February 1940
Language English
Collection Tavenner Papers & IMTFE Official Records
Box Box 15
Folder Japan, Germany, Italy Collaboration Vol 3
Repository University of Virginia Law Library
"Going over to the German-Japanese relations, the Beichs Foreign Minister said he had talked over these questions with the Fuehrer last night and the Fuehrer had said: % "1.) Germany and Japan were the only two malflt powers between whom there existed no divergence of political interests. "2*) Moreover these two states were, as well as Italy, young nations striving upwards, whom England grudged the advances. The Reichs Foreign Minister added that it was his firm conviction that Japan was being most strongly influenced by Germany's fate. If Germany fared well in Europe, Japan would also fare well in East Asia, but if Germany was badly off, Japan would also be badly off. On the other hand Germany was equally interested in Japan's prosperity in East Asia. He had (already) had this conviction for a long time and still had it today. "3.) Both peoples were soldier nations and the link of the soldierly spirit facilitated the understanding. "TERAUCHI was mainly receptive and limited himself to saying that this was also his conviction. "The Japanese Ambassador, the Japanese Military Attache, Mr. STAHMER and the undersigned were present.