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Parent Trial Update on the Soviet Phase
Date 26 May 1947
Language English
Collection Tavenner Papers & IMTFE Official Records
Box Box 4
Folder General Reports and Memoranda from May 1947
Repository University of Virginia Law Library
Honorable Joseph B. Keenan With regard to the anticipated recess, I think defense counsel may insist on as muoh as ten weeks. Rumors are to the effect that different members of the Tribunal have mentioned the possibility of six and eight weeks. There is a wary important matter that I would like to call to your attention. We need the services of Mr. Hyde in the most urgent way, it the beginning of the defense phase I felt that our efforts would be greatly handicapped if we did not have him. By working every night and practically every Saturday and Sunday Sutton and I, we think, have kept up with the work fairly wall, and though it worked a great hardship on us we do not feel that his absence up until this time has been an overly serious matter. Now when we are approaching the most important part of our work we are somewhat nervous lest the incapacity of say one of three or four individuals would result in serious consequences, and even if each of us maintains his health and remains on the job the services of Mr. Hyde will be vitally necessary, in my opinion, for the proper organisation and preparation of our work in the final phase. I have good reason to believe that the Attorney General can still be induced to let us have his servioes, but I think it is a matter that you alone can handle suocessfully. Your personal influence with the Attorney General, I am confident, will be the controlling factor. Many things in the past which have appeared impossible to accomplish have been successfully solved when you personally entered the picture. On the theory that you would probably be here the latter part of May I intended waiting until you arrived and could size up the situa¬tion for yourself, but as it is now indicated that you are not likely to be here until the latter part of June or possibly in July I felt I should advise you of this situation so that you could take such action as you thought proper before leaving for Tokyo. It is almost too much to expect that the few of us here who can do the character of work that Hyde would do, regardless of our determination and enthusiasm in the natter, can con-tinue for the long period of time required. I understand Mr. Hyde is now in Idaho or Utah and will not return to Washington until around June 2., He can be reached in care of his father, George T. Hyde, at Downey, Idaho. He is willing to come at that time if arrangements are successfully made with the Attorney General, With regards, I am Sincerely yours, EnclosureFRANK S. TAVENNER, JR. P.S. Since dictating this letter a considerable number of new documents 26 May 1947 have been served on us in the Soviet phase and the headway we hoped to make today did not materialise. I am now of the opinion that we will run into next week before finishing this phase.