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Parent Examination of Documents Results November 13, 1947
Date 3 November 1947
Language English
Collection Tavenner Papers & IMTFE Official Records
Box Box 6
Folder General Reports and Memoranda from November 1947
Repository University of Virginia Law Library
Memo For: Mr. F.S. Tavenner From: Lt. K. Steiner protection from the Pacific. Pointing out that one of the chief prob¬lems of the U.S. was personnel shortage and that for this reason merchant vessels were being sunk without warning with the idea that as large a part as possible of the crew should perish in consequence, he stated that in a fight for their existence humanitarian points of view could not govern. "For this reason he had to give the order that in case foreign seamen could not be taken prisoner which was not for the most part pos¬sible on the open sea, the submarines were to surface after torpedoing and shoot up the lifeboats. Ambassador OSHIMA <insert>sincerely</insert> concurs in this statement of the Fuehrer and says that the Japanese too are forced to follow these methods". OSHIMA suggested a joint declaration by Germany and Japan regarding India. He stated that the Japanese and German Navies were discussing the opening up of a route north of the Asiatic continent. He then discussed the possibilities resulting from the fact that two great powers which were situated far apart from each other were engaged in a joint struggle and reported on the methods of Japanese warfare. He added: "He OSHIMA was empowered by his Government to discuss the prosecution of the war with the German Foreign Minister even though individual questions could be discussed directly between the Army, the Air Force, and above all the Navy. In his opinion it was of the greatest importance that the main line of policy should be laid down exclusively by him and the Foreign Minister. The same was true for the economic and political questions. (Regarding the increase in OSHIMA's authority, see also IPS Doc. 4075, item 9, dealt with in par. 7b, of my first memorandum of this date). He states the necessity of devising common plans for 1942 and 1943. It was natural that Japan would have to strike at Russia, day, for other¬wise a new order in East Asia would not be possible. With regard to the mission of NOMURA and KURUSU, he said that ^oblivious to the true situation they had negotiated with the Americans in an honest desire to reach an understanding." A complete English translation is attached to the document. 3.IPS Doc. 587, item 2. This is a newspaper clipping of an article by OSHIMA entitled "Make the Most of the Tripartite Alliance", dated 27 October 1940 (the clipping does not indicate the name of the newspaper) This article is essentially identical with OSHIMA's article in Dai Asia Shugi, being IPS Doc. 2377 (item 1 of my memorandum dated 12 November 1947). K. STEINER 1st Lt, Inf