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Parent OSHIMA's Affidavit November 19, 1947
Date 26 November 1947
Language English
Collection Tavenner Papers & IMTFE Official Records
Box Box 6
Folder General Reports and Memoranda from November 1947
Repository University of Virginia Law Library
Memorandum to Mr. Tavenner - OSHIMA's Affidavit continued: b)IPS Document 4075 - Item 4: In a conference with RIBBENTROP on 4 January 1942, OSHIMA discussed an increase in Propaganda for India and the Mohammedan countries. c)IPS Document 1395 - In a conference with RIBBEETROP on 30 July 1942, German-Japanese cooperation in "bringing the Indian nationalist leader BOSE from Europe to Japan is discussed (BOSE was brought to Japan, organized the independent Indian army to fight against Great Britain, and appeared with other Japanese puppets at a Greater East Asia conference in Tokyo in 1943). d)According to Case File 203, serial 14, OSHIMA con¬veyed a message from GRAND MUFTI AL HAJJ ALMIN AL-HASAYN, of Jerusalem, who was then in Berlin, to General KOISO on 3 October 1944. 4) Page 27 - On OSHIMA's attitude in regard to the German- Russo non-aggression treaty. a)IPS Document 4047: Item 20 is <insert>a memo</insert> about the con-ference with OSHIMA after RIBBENTROP's phone call had informed the latter of the impending conclusion of the non-aggression pact. Far from charging Germany with an "act of extreme bad faith" OSHIMA determined, together with WEISZAEKER, "the arguments by which he (OSHIMA) might convince his government of the necessity and indeed the advantages of the present step", and how OSHIMA could mitigate the violent effects of the non-aggression pact in Japan. The contents of this memorandum were forwarded by wire to Tokyo. (IPS Document 4033 - Item 1; See page 4 of my memorandum of 3 November 1947. A typed translation is attached to IPS 4033 - Item 1.) b)IPS Document 4047 - Item 23: Telegram from WEISZAEKER 22 August 1939 about OSHIMA's talk with RIBBENTROP when the latter passed through Berlin. No mention is made of an oral protest by OSHIMA. OSHIMA informed RIBBENTROP confidentially that he has offered his resignation. OSHIMA's stay in Berlin is an asset which the Germans would not like to forego. OTT is requested to see to it that OSHIMA remains at his post. c)IPS Document 4077 - Item 34: Memorandum regarding WEISZAEKER's conference with OSHIMA on 26 September 1939. No mention is made of postponement of protest because of the Polish difficulty. WEISZAEKER requested -2-