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ORDERED: That the Prosecution shall also prepare and furnish to Counsel for the accused, copies of additional parts or sections, in both the Japanese and English language, from the afore-mentioned documents enumerated as follows: (1)From Prosecution Section Document No. 949, set forth in Paragraph 1, Schedule A of the application --- all that part beginning on the fourth line of Page 32 of said document, and ending on the seventh line of Page 40 of same, and also, beginning on Line two on Page 48, and ending with the last line on Page 51, consisting of approximately eleven (11) additional pages. (2)From Prosecution Section Document No. 829, set forth in Paragraph 4, Schedule A of the application ---the complete statement of the Foreign Office concerning the Administrative Jurisdiction of Shinnan Gunto, consisting of approximately one (1) whole page from which the excerpt on Page 19 is a part. (3) Dated at Tokyo, Japan, this 29 August 1946. BY THE TRIBUNAL: (Signed) W. F. Webb PRESIDENT