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Parent Telecon Conference re: War Crimes Operations September 24, 1947
Date 24 September 1947
Language English
Collection Tavenner Papers & IMTFE Official Records
Box Box 5
Folder General Memoranda and Reports from September 1947
Repository University of Virginia Law Library
FEC-26 IPS Dr. Brown to Luke Lea or Thomas O?ÇÖHara or others: Please telephone Blanchard Condrick at Law School of Catholic University of America and advise I shall be unavoidably detained until October 10 leaving by plane about October 6. Meanwhile use my class hours for your courses. FEC-27 IPS from Col. Goulsby to Mr. Arnold Nestel Re your item 9, telecom 18 Sept. 47, the total wages paid John B. Powell during the calendar year 1946 was $2582.99. Nothing was withheld for federal income tax. US treasury Dept. form U-2 is being mailed to you. FEC-28 IPS Luke Lea from Col. Goulsby Re item 16 telecon 18 Sept. 47, it has been decided that three attorneys P-3, will not be needed; therefore, no request has been made for their recruitment. FEC-29 IPS Make inquiry of former Attorney General Francis Biddle, the Judge at Nuremberg, as to whether or not the court received briefs from both sides with reference to detailed parts of the record and with reference to the parts of the indictment referred to, and with reference to the individual accused, with emphasis on the second part of the question. Also, whether the court required everything that it would receive or note or consider, to be entered into the transcript of the record exactly as the testimony of a witness from the stand, omitting nothing, in the summation, or whether much of the detail matter could not be supplied in the form of a written brief supplied the court and received as briefs are filed and considered in the rules no pending in the federal courts of the United States. FEC-30 IPS On page 154 of Leland Stowes book ?Ç£While Time Remains?Ç¥ published by Alfred A. Knoph in 1946, there appears the following statement: And after the surrender the Japanese Commander at Singapore, Lt. Gen. Seishiro Itagaki told the Sulton of Johore: ?Ç£We hope the peace will last for twenty years and t hen we will be back here again.?Ç¥ Philippine Division, IPS, requests inquiry be made of publishers in New York, if they have any documentary evidence to substantiate the Itagaki quotation, and if so, that it be sent to us as soon as possible. -2-