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INDICES TO THE RECORD Index of Exhibits Index of Witnesses (Prosecution) Index of Witnesses (Defense) Official Corrections to the Transcript, Cumulative List to June 1947 General Index of the Record of the prosecution's Case, Pages 1 - 16,097 (IPS Doc. No. 0OO5) General Index of the Record of the Defense Case through the Tri-Partite Pact Section of the Pacific Phase, Pages 16,998 - 24.758 (IPS Doc. No. 0008) Narrative Summary of the Record Chronological Summary (Dateable events in the Prosecution's Case) (IPS Doc. No. 0001) Decisions of Imperial Conferences, Cabinet Meetings, and Other Conferences and Footings Which Appear in the Prosecution's Evidence (IPS Doc. No. 0004) Rulings of the Tribunal (IPS Doc. No. 0006) Docket and Chronology of Proceedings and Pleadings Motions, Applications, and Court Orders Record of proceedings in Chambers Sender-Receiver File (A card index listing the names of persons who sent, received, or were otherwise cognizant of communi-cations, orders, etc. bearing court exhibit numbers) Index to Rejected Documents INDICES TO IPS DOCUMENTS (Including both those introduced and those not introduced in evidence) Analyses of Documentary Evidence -2-