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Parent SAITO, Yoshie
Date 8 September 1947
Language English
Collection Tavenner Papers & IMTFE Official Records
Box Box 5
Folder General Memoranda and Reports from September 1947
Repository University of Virginia Law Library
Memo to Mr. Sutton (Cont?ÇÖd) 8 Sept 47 At (R 6367) War Minister TOJO and Navy Minister OIKAWA said ?Ç£Since the man-power needed by our Army in the war against America would be comparatively small in number while Navy personnel is by its very nature limited in size, we feel no concern in respect to number of personnel. At (R 6369) HOSHINO of the Planning Board said ?Ç£In our Commodity Mobilization Program the center of gravity is laid on the items of military purposes. We have, however, paid a good deal of consideration to secure also the necessaries for the civilians living.?Ç¥ Exhibit 553 (R 6379) is a record of the meeting of the Privy Council on September 26, 1940 at which the draft of the Tripartite Pact was approved. At (R 6832) it is stated ?Ç£Japan recognizes and respects the leading position of Germany and Italy in construction of a New Order in Europe while Germany and Italy recognize and respect Japan?ÇÖs leading position in the construction of the New Order in Greater East Asia. (Compare with GEA where mentioned countries in New Order referred to in Exh. 552). (The above quote is from the Preamble to the Tripartite Pact). Exhibit 43 is the Tripartite Alliance of Japan, Germany and Italy. It was read into the Record at (R 6391) and Article II thereof reads as follows: ?Ç£Germany and Italy shall recognize and respect the leadership fo Japan for establishment of a New Order in Great Asia.?Ç¥ Exhibit 551 (R 6345) is a recital of the salient points of questions at a Privy Council meeting on September 16, 1940. At (R 6347) it is stated ?Ç£By the conclusion of the present Alliance, it becomes imperative that preparation of our Navy for Japan-American war be accelerated and strengthened. And this might well be impossible to be realized, unless our Government gives serious consideration and cooperation with the Navy.?Ç¥ Exhibit 542 (R 6277) is a report of a conference with KURUSU signed by Weizacker dated August 1, 1940 shortly after MATSUOKA became Foreign Minister. KURUSU pursued subject of renewal of negotiations for closer Japan-German relations and defined the intentions of Japan to construction of ?Ç£New Order of Greater East Asia.?Ç¥ -2-