Interrogation of OSHIMA, Hiroshi, 6 February 1946, pages 52 to 53: A. * * * To go back a bit, although this does not concern Japan particularly, I know that around September 1938, after having received the unofficial O.K. from Japan, Germany approached Italy to join in the pact. Italy’s answer was that while she liked the idea she did not know whether the time was ripe and requested time to think it over. Q. Who was the Ambassador to Italy from Japan at that time? A. There was only a Change d’Affaires at that time. Q. Continue. A. Germany received no answer from Italy on this proposal so that they asked me to urge Japan to approach Italy with the same proposition and requested me to go to Italy, as the Japanese had only a Charge d’Affaires at that time. I dispatched a communication to the Foreign Office requesting permission to do this and received in return an O.K. (The Foreign Minister at this time was definitely ARITA). Upon receipt of this permission around the middle of December 1938, I proceeded to Rome and there met MUSSOLINI, getting from him the same answer that Germany had earlier received. However, very early in January 1939 I heard from the German Government (RIBBENTROP) that Italy had communicated with them to the effect that she was all ready to join in at any time. * * *”